Candidate Comments: Fiona Burt – Independent

Guest post by Fiona Burt

Fiona Burt is an independent constituency candidate for Cardiff North.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, My Cardiff North.

Fiona Burt family photo for My Cardiff North

Every candidate standing for election will, of course, promise to work hard for you as constituents, and I am no exception. However, as your independent candidate, I would like to give you three more great reasons why you should vote for me on May 5th:

  1. I reside in the constituency

Cardiff North has been my home for the past 22 years and I know what it’s like to live, work and raise a family here. When I talk about local facilities, whether that’s our hospitals, schools or transport systems, it’s from first-hand experience. When I say that I want to boost the Welsh economy or preserve our open spaces, it’s because everyone will benefit from these decisions.

  1. I am independent

It’s vitally important we can trust our political representatives to act in our best interests. I believe the two biggest threats to this are career politicians (who act out of self-interest) and party politicians (who are bound to party politics). I’ve been serving my community as a volunteer in my local church and school for many years on projects that support education and family life. I believe politicians should be focussed on people rather than politics and elected on the basis of their policies, not their political party. This is especially true in the National Assembly for Wales, where the regional vote provides seats for party representatives, leaving you free to choose a Constituency Assembly Member who will secure the best deal for your community. Independence will not prevent me from working with any of the political parties, rather, it means that I’d be willing to work with ALL of them – providing it’s in the best interests of Cardiff North.

  1. I have sensible, well-thought-out policies

This election is not about the EU referendum or fixing potholes – these are the responsibility of Westminster MPs and Cardiff Councillors. It’s about selecting a representative who will make the best decisions for our constituency across all 21 areas currently devolved to Wales. By voting independent, you can be assured that I’m not beholden to a party whip or blinkered by single issue politics. Having said that, the recent poor performance of both health and education in Wales is concerning, and it is in these two areas that I will make the biggest difference for you.
FionaWith increasing pressures and reducing budgets, creative solutions and courageous decisions are needed to improve the quality and value for money of these and other public services. I am well equipped to do this as a scientist, trained to think analytically and strategically. I am also naturally compassionate and seek to care for others. I’ve worked in the NHS, higher education and in the business and charity sectors and I believe that my experiences in these roles will enable me to provide the necessary challenge on behalf of all the people of Cardiff North. Those who know me personally, know that I don’t shy away from tackling the difficult questions.

To find details of my policies, please check out my Facebook page fionaburt4cardiffnorth or call me on 07758863734.

On the doorsteps, I’m finding many people have become disillusioned with politics. The National Assembly profoundly affects the lives of everyone living in Cardiff North. If you are keen to play your part and see real change, think independently and vote for me on May 5th

By Fiona Burt