Police and Crime Commissioner 2016

Labour candidate Alun Michael was elected Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales.

You can vote in the Police and crime commissioner election on the same day as the Assembly Election.

The candidates are listed here. You can read their statements here.

Listen to the candidates speak to Jane Morris on Radio Cardiff.

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The role of the Police and crime commissioner includes:

  • Making sure the force is efficient and effective
  • Holding the Chief Constable to account
  • Setting the policing priorities for the area through a police and crime plan
  • Setting the force budget and determining the amount raised through local council tax bills (the police precept)
  • Working co-operatively with local authorities and criminal justice bodies to provide an effective criminal justice system
  • Ensuring services are provided for victims of crime
  • Providing an independent custody visiting scheme run by independent volunteers
  • Ultimate control over assets such as police buildings and vehicles.
  • If necessary appointing and dismissing the Chief Constable

There is more information on the South Wales Police website.