My Cardiff North is a simple, clear and impartial resource for news and views from – and about – our representatives.

The site has no political affiliation and doesn’t aim to become a place for political discussions. There are plenty of other platforms for this. We hope that current politicians and those campaigning for election will use the site to communicate with their electorate.

The Independent Community News Network (ICNN)


My Cardiff North is a proud member of the Independent Community News Network.

We are committed to the ICNN Charter:

  • Member publications are independent of political, commercial, and religious interests;
  • Are community-focussed and work to represent the views of their community;
  • Are producing contemporaneous news or news-related content (that includes, but is not limited to breaking news, arts & culture, sports, news features, cultural and community entertainment events, campaigns, weather, transport, crime, local history and local business, and schools).
  • Uphold high professional standards including accuracy, transparency, integrity, accountability and fairness.

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