What’s the Deal?


You’re going to be hearing a lot about the “City Deal” in the coming months, but what is it?

The Cardiff Capital Region City Deal is a £1.28 billion programme which will achieve a 5 per cent uplift in the region’s GVA by delivering a range of programmes which will increase connectivity, improve physical and digital infrastructure, as well as regional business governance.

Got that?

Maybe a video will do a better job…

(Watch Welsh version)

Need more information? Head over to the website (Welsh version) or follow them on Twitter.

What does the BBC say?

What about Wales Online?

You can read Cardiff Council’s announcement. The report will be discussed at a special Cabinet meeting on Wednesday 25 January 2017.

The report outlines that the City of Cardiff Council is committed to delivering a significant number of facilities and attractions including:

  • A new 15,000 seat indoor arena;
  • Improved city centre open spaces;
  • The redevelopment of Cardiff Central Station;
  • Stronger connections between the city centre and Cardiff Bay; and
  • A range of improvements to bus, car, cycle and pedestrian networks.

What will the deal mean for residents of Cardiff North? Better transport? More job opportunities? It’s going to be interesting.