Councillor Survey: Jayne Cowan

What are the biggest changes in your ward over the last 5 years?

I have noticed that a number of people have changed their attitude towards the Council in more recent years. Residents are disappointed to see an ever increasing Council Tax with less services, and poorer standards of repairs such as potholes. I have noticed more people sadly living alone in isolation so I’m working closely with Age Connect and other agencies to try and pair volunteers with people in need. There is also a rise in people suffering from Dementia. I have received Dementia Friend Training which really was helpful. It helps people understand the symptoms with a view to signposting residents to services.

Describe three achievements that you were instrumental in implementing and that benefited the community.

Rhiwbina Library Campaign

I was delighted to work with the community, to send a strong message to the Cabinet in County Hall that the library was an integral and essential part of Rhiwbina. This is the only Council facility in Rhiwbina, with the exception of the schools. A leaflet was sent to residents in the ward informing them of the meeting and community poll, and I encouraged people to make representations either by signing the petition or writing individual letters. Thanks to the overwhelming support from local residents, funding for the library was safeguarded until May 2017.

Use of Social Media on a regular basis

I have generated over 5000 followers on Twitter, and have more than 1100 Friends on Facebook. I thoroughly enjoy updating the feeds on a daily basis, and receive regular feedback about the information which I share. It can be from a lost dog, to a consultation on road cleansing, it is always varied. I am pleased to have a lot of interaction from local residents. Social media is a great way of sharing information very quickly and instantly. This is in addition to the regular newsletters I issue with Adrian Robson and Oliver Owen.

Casework enquiries and accessibility

Over the 18 years as a Councillor, I have helped thousands of local residents with issues which range from planning to waste, to highways to enforcement. All enquiries are very varied, and this is the most important work of an elected representative. I have held monthly surgeries at different times and venues throughout Rhiwbina and Pantmawr. I have also arranged numerous local meetings about a number of issues including planning, schools, Rhiwbina library, the introduction of wheelie bins, Local Development Plan and Rhiwbina Buses.