Crispin John: UKIP – Llanishen

We’ve invited all the local election candidates to complete this questionnaire so you know more about the people asking for your vote on the 4th of May. We’re also compiling a list of their websites and social media accounts so you can follow them and get in touch if you have any questions.

Crispin John

Name – Crispin John
Party – UKIP
Ward – Llanishen
Website –
Twitter  – @CrispinJohn
How can people get in touch with you? – Twitter

About You

Tell us about yourself

I was born in Cardiff and was educated at Cardiff High School and Cardiff University. I have lived in North Cardiff for over 20 years and I have had a varied career in financial services and the public sector. I am now Senior Advisor and Researcher for Gareth Bennett AM at the National Assembly for Wales. My special policy interests include transport, planning, local government and housing.

I’ve previously held a number of roles as a school governor and in the voluntary sector, and I’ve been interested in politics ever since I was growing up. At knocking on for 40 years old now, I want to bring the experience I’ve gained to work together with others to make Cardiff a better place to live, work and visit.

What are the biggest issues in your ward?

By far the biggest issue is that Llanishen has been neglected and taken for granted for too long. We need to see better opportunities for local people, and regeneration of our communities. From the shops at Llangranog Road to the Business Park and Industrial Estate at Ty Glas, investment is desperately needed.

We need to improve transport links and ensure that local services like libraries and community centres are protected from damaging cuts, so we give all of our community the best possible opportunities to get on in life.

What’s your favourite place in Cardiff and why?

Working in the Bay, people may expect me to say it’s down there, but I like to get away from it all. I love walking, so heading up to Cefn Onn Park or the Wenallt is probably my favourite activity, just to get away from it all and enjoy what North Cardiff has to offer.

What do you think should be done to improve engagement in politics?

We need more ‘real people” in politics, people who represent society as a whole and who aren’t just cardboard cut-outs in suits. Now I do like a suit myself, but I’m equally at home in a pair of jeans and a T shirt. The point is really that people do feel cut off from politics, and I want to change that. It starts by getting more people from all walks of life engaged and involved in the daily grind of it all.

What’s your favourite film?


If You’re Elected

What will you do to improve your ward?

I’ll stand up for the people of Llanishen and Thornhill by providing a strong voice in the Council Chamber and will really listen to what people are saying. There are some really simple steps that can be taken to make a difference to some of the things that niggle people on a daily basis. This goes from basic highways maintenance like dealing with pot holes and uneven pavements, to eliminating rat-runs, to ensuring that antisocial behaviour is dealt with. We also need to look at regeneration of areas in the ward where it’s desperately needed. In particular, I’m concerned about the Business Park at Ty Glas which is rapidly emptying, and there are proposals to move the Tax Office to Cardiff City Centre. We need to develop a plan to ensure the community doesn’t suffer as a result.

How will you communicate with residents in your ward?

The first part of communication is listening, so I will make sure that I do this by holding regular surgeries, establishing a social media presence dedicated to the ward, and undertaking resident’s surveys for those who want to contribute. I will also keep people updated with what I’m doing by regular updates, and if anyone has an issue and wants to get in touch, I will always be pleased to hear from them.

What issues that affect the whole city would you like to get involved in?

One of the major challenges facing Cardiff at the moment is the Local Development Plan and its impact on public transport. I’ll bring my experience to tackling that and pushing for the best possible outcome for Llanishen and Thornhill to protect our bus and train services. I’ll also be looking to protect those essential public services we all rely on; waste collections, libraries, care for the elderly and schools and youth services.

Final Comments

What would you change about Cardiff and why?

Cardiff needs to be a city which works for everybody. This just isn’t happening at the moment and the Council has become tired and ineffective. The Council needs to work hard, and not just at election time, so that’s what I would change about the city. I’m proud to live in Cardiff, proud to be a Cardiffian, and by working together, we can make the changes we need to make this an even better place to live.

Any final comments?

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