Jonathan Land: Liberal Democrats – Rhiwbina

We’ve invited all the local election candidates to complete this questionnaire so you know more about the people asking for your vote on the 4th of May. We’re also compiling a list of their websites and social media accounts so you can follow them and get in touch if you have any questions.

Name – Jonathan Land
Party – Liberal Democrats
Ward – Rhiwbina
Website –
Twitter  – @ElseJon
How can people get in touch with you? – By email.

About You

Tell us about yourself

I’m running as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Rhiwbina. I have lived in Rhiwbina nearly all my life and have loved living here. I went to Exeter University for two years, and saw how much of a difference there was between the two cities. While I love politics, I do like to keep up with business developments within the Technology and Energy industries. I also have a bit of a sweet tooth, which has caused me to spend a bit more on food shopping than what most people spend.

What are the biggest issues in your ward?

I believe the biggest issue here is Transport. As more and more people are using cars, we need to start investing more in public transport to make it more accessible. I will be pushing to get the transport hub funded in the centre. I will also push with other city councillors to push for the South Wales Metro that has been proposed.

Another big issue I believe is Education. While the primary schools in Rhiwbina are some of the best in the City, I think there’s some real concerns about the Secondary schools in the area. And whether they are doing enough to ensure the equip kids with the knowledge to succeed in the future.

What’s your favourite place in Cardiff and why?

St Davids Shopping Centre. I always go there to get all my shopping done, and they always have something going on there.

What do you think should be done to improve engagement in politics?

Like a lot of candidates, I think communication is key to get people engaged in Politics. People don’t see our policy makers and to challenge and comment on they beliefs and their actions.

What’s your favourite film?

The Big Short.

If You’re Elected

What will you do to improve your ward?

If elected I will be pushing to get the transport hub funded in the centre. I will also push with other city councillors to push for the South Wales Metro that has been proposed.

I will also work to pilot smaller class sizes, so that children have the attention needed to help make them succeed. I will work with councillors in other wards to keep account and push for better improvement for Secondary schools in catchment areas.

How will you communicate with residents in your ward?

I will try to have video chat sessions with constituents, this is so we can communicate what’s best for Rhiwbina. The Lib Dems is also known across the country for it’s Focus Newsletters, this is key to let people know what I, as well as other Lib Dems are doing in the council.

What issues that affect the whole city would you like to get involved in?

I would love to get involved with the proposed Cardiff Tidal Lagoon. I think that it could be a great opportunity to create a more sustainable City.

Also Wedal Road Recycling Centre is also a big issue for many. While the council has left it open for now, I would like to keep it permanently open, as closing it could lead to more fly-tipping.

Final Comments

What would you change about Cardiff and why?

The council, it needs a united government to be effective and not be at war with each other all the time. I’m worried that if Labour is in charge there will be constant internal power struggles, stalling any change or projects to help make Cardiff a better place.

Any final comments?

Please vote, as it really makes a difference. And if you don’t like any of the candidates, mark your ballot with anything. Your apathy towards the political parties will be heard, and not forgotten.