Lawrence Gwynn – Independent

We asked all the candidates to provide a candidate statement of up to 750 words, which should include some background about them and why they’re standing.

Lawrence Gwynn

Lawrence Gwynn


I was born in Cardiff in 1963, and have lived in Llanishen all my life participating in a full and active part socially and trying to help the community in anyway I can, with the residents which live near me.

I believe in a strong community spirit. Residents should be able to express their opinions on all issues and concerns of their community services.

There are lots of issues that I see, and are brought to my attention by local residents, and although I’m not an elected person, but I always try to help or address the issues that they have, and advise the best course of action.

Some main concerns that are on going seem to be,

  1. Road conditions – potholes being a main factor.
  2. Speeding traffic in 20MPH zone. This is a major concern, I see it everyday, the day to day traffic just ignores this, and our fears are that someone will be seriously hurt or killed, our road network in Llanishen and Thornhill just cannot take this volume of traffic at speed. “IT NEEDS ENFORCING”.
  3. Some residents are concerned about the anti social behavior, it would be good to see more beat officers of an evening walking the streets.
  4. The local street drains need to be cleaned, several for example where I live are full and have been for some months now.
  5. Litter and rubbish, this can be a problem, but as a community, everyone can do their bit.
  6. Llangranog road shops, may be a revamp of some sort, all you basically have is the “Premier shop”, and the “Labour local office”.
  7. Coryton Railway service, I know it’s off the area a bit, but I think it would be a great bonus to introduce a Sunday service, this would take more traffic off the road and would benefit all Cardiff north residents.
  8. Very important – Llanishen clinic need to be reopened with a good doctors service, it should never have closed, the people of Llanishen deserve better.

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