Will Ogborne – Welsh Liberal Democrats

We asked all the candidates to provide a candidate statement of up to 750 words, which should include some background about them and why they’re standing.

Will Ogborne

Will Ogborne

Welsh Liberal Democrats

I have lived in Cardiff for the last decade and have made Llanishen my home. I work for a small Cardiff-based technology firm as a Software Trainer and Digital Integrator.

I joined the Liberal Democrats to demand better for our city, our environment, our local businesses, and to fight Brexit.

It’s an honour to be selected by members to be the Liberal Democrat candidate in this election.

We urgently need to improve local bus services, tackle traffic chaos, support local businesses and force this Labour council to keep their promise of a new recycling centre in Cardiff North. It would be an honour to represent my community.

I believe that Labour’s failure to deliver on their promise of a new recycling centre from 2017 when the Wedal Road centre was closed is embarrassing for our part of the city, and the opening of a new centre must be a priority.

It’s been nearly three years now with no progress from the Labour run council on this. Having to travel to centres in Grangetown or Rumney instead of having a centre nearby is having a clear impact on the city, with fly-tipping rates on the increase.

People in Llanishen and Thornhill deserve better. This simply isn’t good enough.

I also want to work with local bus providers to improve peak-time capacity in Llanishen and Thornhill, to ensure that buses are routed to the areas where the services are most needed, and to encourage a higher public transport take-up with the aim of having less cars on the road causing congestion.

As a daily bus user myself I see first-hand how busy that services can get in the morning and evening peak periods, with buses often full before they leave our area in the mornings, and full to standing on those return journeys from the city centre in the evening. I’d like to see both Cardiff Bus and N.A.T. commit to running larger capacity buses on our local services at peak times to improve journey comfort, and in turn encourage drivers to switch to using the buses to commute to the city centre instead.

With our city in the midst of a climate emergency we need to take positive steps to reduce traffic congestion on our roads, and long overdue improvements to our public transport services can only help toward this.

In my spare time I’m a Cardiff Devils ice hockey season ticket holder, an avid fan of American Football and enjoy walking my two terriers around the local area with my partner Sarah-jane.

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