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Welcome to My Cardiff North

My Cardiff North wordmark

So, what’s Your Cardiff North?

No, “My Cardiff North”. Which is yours… Look, it’s really straightforward. This is a website about where you live.

So it’s one of those cool new “hyperlocal” sites with news and features and lots of community stuff?

Er, no. There are loads of those already in Cardiff North. My Cardiff North is focussed on local and national politics.

…Sorry nodded off there! Politics eh, so it’ll have insightful political commentary and hard hitting investigative journalism?

Again, not quite. We have a slightly more modest plan. My Cardiff North is a simple, clear and impartial resource for news and views from – and about – our representatives.

Say again?
We want to answer the questions, “who represents me, what are they saying and how do I get in touch with them?”

Cardiff North has 21 County Councillors, 5 Assembly Members and 1 MP. They’re all Tweeting, blogging, speaking, writing and Facebook-ing. It’s a lot for people to keep up with.

Sounds good. So if I want to have a rant about the recent bin changes, I can create an account and hit the comments section then?

Everyone loves a good rant, but My Cardiff North isn’t the place for it. There are plenty of better ways to voice your concerns than shouting into the internet void. Although there are some politicians who know their RTs from their MTs.

We’re going to be covering the upcoming Assembly election, checking in with our new MP and sharing interesting titbits from the councillors.

Fair enough. So how do I find out what’s going on?

The best way is to follow our Twitter account and pop back to see us now and then.

My Cardiff North / Twitter logo

OK, I’m sold. Can I help spread the word?

Glad you asked! Cardiff North has about 65,000 registered voters so there are plenty of people we want to reach. You could share this article, send a Tweet, tell your neighbours or put a sign up in the window. We’d appreciate anything you can do to help.