Anna McMorrin

Anna McMorrin is the Labour Party candidate for Cardiff North.

Anna Mcmorrin
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This election is like no other. There is so much at stake, your vote will define the next generation.

As a working mum, I brought my family up in Cardiff North. I know what it’s like to juggle everyday life with bringing up a family and making ends meet. I’m standing for re-election because I’m motivated to make life better for people in Cardiff North and to fight for a more hopeful, secure future.

Prior to serving as your MP, I was an adviser for the Welsh Labour Government. There I led on initiatives which invested in people, schools and skills, and brought green jobs and growth to Wales. I worked with the UN to help deliver climate action in the run up to the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement and I worked for Friends of the Earth.

It has been a real privilege to have been able to stand up for you and your family and to use my past experiences to champion Cardiff North and Wales in Parliament.

You put your faith in me, and I promised to be visible and accessible. I kept my word.

I’ve helped thousands of people who have faced difficulties or hardship, hosted hundreds of public meetings, advice surgeries and coffee mornings. In Parliament, I’ve challenged the Government taking a lead on issues such as the climate emergency, cutting single use plastic and packaging, fighting for more police on our streets, opposing the Tory cuts to free TV licences and standing up for the rights of 1950s women affected by state pension inequality.

I’ve fought hard for jobs, investment and living standards in our communities. I have always stood up for what I believe is in the best interests of Cardiff North. After a decade of Tory cuts to our public services, people needed a representative who was on their side – I’ve worked hard to be your champion.

This election is critical. Our country is running out of time to solve the biggest issues facing us in a generation. We are facing a damaging Brexit, which has paralysed our country. We need to move forward, but not at the expense of families’ livelihoods. That’s why I believe we should put the question back to the people for a final say and I will campaign to Remain – there is no better deal than the one we have now as full members of the EU.

In Cardiff North it is a straight choice between me and the Tories. No other party can win here.

If you want someone with a strong track record of standing up against Tory cuts and austerity, will fight to protect our NHS, will campaign to Remain in the EU, and will fight for urgent action on the climate emergency – I hope you’ll put your trust in me on 12th December.