Michael Cope

Michael Cope is the Green Party candidate for Cardiff North.

Michael Cope
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My name is Michael Cope, I’m 29 and I’m standing for the Green Party in Cardiff North. I live with my family in Cardiff North in the Llanishen ward. I grew up in Llanishen and moved back here after spending four years at university, during which I gained an MA in Medical History. I am a keen walker, gamer and fervent tennis fan. I am a Quaker and regularly attend meeting in Cardiff. I have always been political and I have strong principles which I carry through into all my political activism.

I have been active in the Green Party for several years and have represented the party in elections, including by standing as the candidate for Llanishen in the 2017 Cardiff Council election and the 2019 Llanishen by-election. I have chosen to stand in the General Election because I want to make sure the environment is at the top of the agenda in Cardiff North. I am proud to represent the Green Party in Cardiff North and look forward to getting on the campaign trail. I love living in Cardiff and, if elected, I will do the job justice and fight hard for my constituents.

I was first attracted to the Green Party by its environmentalism, because it recognised the threat posed by climate change and because it put the environment at the heart of all its policymaking. The Green Party has always been at the cutting edge of politics and is unafraid to speak up for the radical changes we need to make to secure our planet’s future. Coming from a working class background, I was also impressed with the party’s determination to end social and economic injustice and its recognition that we need long-term solutions to the problems we face, not temporary fixes.

My main priority during the campaign will be to stress to voters that this election is the climate election. The effects of climate change are already being felt across the world and we have a limited time to put policies in place to prevent it getting worse. We need urgent action now.

The most important policy of this election is the Green New Deal, the Green Party’s proposed program of massive investment in renewable energy infrastructure, affordable green homes and green industry. By triggering a green industrial revolution in the UK, we could not only create thousands of well-paid jobs but also lead the fight against climate change. This is the kind of politics which recognises that environmental, social and economic problems are all bound together and cannot be tackled separately.

I will also use this campaign to promote the need to introduce Proportional Representation to transform this country’s broken electoral system by making sure that everyone’s vote is truly of equal influence. On Brexit, I support the People’s Vote as the only way forward. I strongly believe that we stand the best chance of stopping the climate crisis through cooperative, international action and therefore I would campaign for Remain in any second referendum.