Mohamed Ali

Mohamed (Mo) Ali is the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Cardiff North.

Mo Ali
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(written by candidate)

Mohamed (Mo) Ali arrived in the U.K. at age 3, as a child refugee fleeing the civil war in Somaliland a former Protectorate of the United Kingdom, Mo and his family were given the opportunity to rebuild their lives.

Raised by a single mother on an estate in Cardiff, life wasn’t always easy and there were many challenges along the way, but his mother instilled in him the core beliefs at the centre of the Conservative Party – of hard work, family, community, education and access to opportunity.

Giving back to the nation that has afforded Mo the chance to positively contribute to the rich and diverse tapestry of our society is his main motivator and he is not afraid to tackle the difficult issues that our communities are facing, openly, truthfully and directly.

He understands that for Cardiff to remain the open, tolerant and progressive city that gave him the chance to thrive change is needed. At the forefront of Mo’s policy ambition is the desire to tackle the issues currently holding Cardiff back. To achieve this, he plans to use his platform in Westminster to drive real and tangible change. This means fighting for more police officers to keep knives off our streets, protecting you and your family. Turbocharging Cardiff’s economy by lobbying the Welsh Government to offer the same business rate relief as in England, investing in our NHS and protecting our open green spaces.

At the heart of Mo’s agenda is his ambition to ensure everyone in Cardiff North has access to opportunities that will allow them to achieve their full potential.