Richard Jones

Richard Jones is an independent candidate for Cardiff North.

Richard Jones
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My name is Richard Jones living in the heart of Lisvane. I’m a 49-year-old family man with a beautiful wife that always supports me in everything I do and have a child with autism that gives me so much pleasure and makes me want to become a better man, showing thoughtfulness for others and kindness in the community, also support local charities. I’m a working class guy who has had enough of politicians putting themselves before the people that they are supposed to represent. Speaking to Cardiff North residents, they want an MP to be in touch with the needs of their community instead of trying to constantly pull the wool over their eyes.

I am a realist, I know I have no chance in winning this election, because the monopoly these two major parties have over everyone. Spending thousands and thousands of pounds campaigning to get your vote. They knock on your door making you feel important, when they want something from you. They remember your name and were you live, but they don’t remember when you are struggling, need them to listen to you and help you with your problems, nowhere to be seen. I’ve had politicians and Councillors telling me I’m stupid you’ll be lucky if you get a couple of hundred votes. The votes you get could have gone to Labour or the Tories. It just inspires me to prove them wrong. If I get one vote that will do me, it’s one more vote than when I started. I say to you, you have promised so much, but seldom deliver and are often represented by candidates that are drafted in from outside our great city, we live in a democracy and sometimes think we are dictated too much by the government. People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people, because when your MP is there to represent you the people of their constituency. I can tell you this as an independent candidate, your grievances will no longer fall on deaf ears or go unanswered and unresolved, your opinions matter. Put your trust in me as actions speak louder than words and I’m not only prepared to say, I’m prepared to do on your behalf. Walking around Cardiff North I’ve noticed it’s full of talented people who care deeply about their community and legacy for their children and grandchildren. The MP the public elect on 12th December should be following their example which I would be proud to do so that together we can lay the foundations to begin rebuilding a community we can all be proud to call home.

I am running as an independent, representing the unheard voices of the Cardiff North community and am supporting all forms of mental health, anxiety, bipolar, BDD, BPD, depression, drugs & alcohol, eating problems, loneliness, OCD, PTSD, schizophrenia, self-harm, stress, suicidal feelings, to name a few. Also we need to support and do more for the elderly that have done so much for our country, that are mostly forgotten. I also want to help children and adults with autism, ADHD, adult and young carers. I will work hard raising more awareness and also doing my best to get you the right treatments in your areas, because good mental health is crucial to a good quality of life. These need to be addressed immediately and any stigma attached to discussing it eradicated.

Diversity of caring needs to change. On speaking to a resident who is a parent carer the biggest drain on them is not their caring role but the consistent and constant battle for service. They battle in diagnosis, self-directed support, appropriate services, homelessness, crisis support, areas in which support should be readily available to them so that they can focus on their Son’s/Daughter’s well being. Wales has many hidden young carers, children not focused on their education because they are carers for their parents. This cannot continue! Support has to be provided within the school system to report this and get as much help as possible to allow them to focus on their education as much as possible. My Wife and I are currently looking for premises to provide support to disadvantaged children and children with mental health needs and their parents from January 2020.

Poverty – I find it abhorrent that there are approximately 1,660 children living in poverty in Cardiff North yet there are more billionaires in the country than ever before. I promise you that I will not rest on this topic until that figure is zero. Also, I have met families that have two working parents but they still need to go to food banks to survive. There is something wrong in society in this day and age for this to happen.

While these politicians concentrating on Brexit, communities are suffering more. People are becoming disillusioned with what’s going to happen next caught between a rock and a hard place. They see Corbyn’s economic ideas are dangerous, that Johnson’s Brexit deal will lead to damaging WTO exit in 2020 and that electing an independent MP is a way to protect the country from such extremism. The old political system has broken leaving millions of voters crying out for a different way of doing things. We cannot continue to elect members of the two largest parties hoping this time they will deliver on their promises given their track records we have lived through. Their manifestos are empty promises and false hope, designed to gain your votes. It’s time to change. Time to look to independent candidates who are part of the community they wish to represent, who are passionate about improving the standard of living of their fellow constituents. Only a change in voting habits can affect real change. I’m fully committed to putting the people of Cardiff North first and I will deliver. Please show your support, your vote matters to me. Vote Richard Jones Independent.