We’re proud to be an independent voice that presents information fairly and accurately. This is what our politicians think of My Cardiff North.

Julie Morgan AMI have found the My Cardiff North website takes a balanced approach to disseminating information about local politics. During the Assembly election campaign in 2016 all candidates were asked to provide columns setting out their stall and I was pleased to be able to provide information in this way.

I believe there is a lack of hyper local news as a result of declining local newspaper circulations but people still need to know what’s going on so I hope the My Cardiff North website can continue to build up its local news coverage and continue to attend events to gather news in person.

Julie Morgan MS

Labour Constituency Member for Cardiff North

Andrew RT Davies AMIt is always pleasing to see strong levels of community engagement, and My Cardiff North is a great example. It is a fantastic website that provides up to date news on what is going on in the Cardiff North area, and it is always a site I keep a close eye on.

My South Wales Central electoral region has over 500,000 constituents, and I know those in other areas across the region would be better served if a similar website was available to them.

Andrew RT Davies MS

Leader of the Conservative Group and Member for South Wales Central