Assembly Election 2016: Results and Reactions

Senedd 1

Well the results are in. Here’s our quick guide to election night, the results and the reactions.


Welsh Labour Julie Morgan 16,766 44.8% −2.8
Welsh Conservative Jayne Cowan 13,099 35.0% −7.4

UKIP Wales

Haydn Rushowrth 2,509 6.7% +6.7
Plaid Cymru Elin Walker Jones 2,278 6.1% +0.7
Welsh Liberal Democrat John Dixon 1,130 3.0% −1.6
Independent Fiona Burt 846 2.3% +2.3
Wales Green Party Chris von Ruhland 824 2.2% +2.2

Election Night

The polls closed at 10:00pm and, as the counting got under way, the coverage kicked off.

Reporters on the scene spoke to the lead candidates and both were underplaying their chances.

Turnout was high, as it usually is in these parts.

Without anything to really add, I spent most of the evening posting gifs.

I didn’t fancy staying up all night so I hit the sack and caught up with the progress in the morning.  The result was finally declared at 7:00am. Labour held Cardiff North.

Labour held Cardiff North.

Jayne congratulated Julie and thanked her team.

Our new AM thanked her supporters.

We also have two new regional AMs. Plaid’s Neil McEvoy and UKIP’s Gareth Bennett.


I’m off to update the website…