Assembly Election 2016: The Final Countdown

Assembly election banner graphic

“The Final Countdown” is an appropriate title for this blog post, considering how Europe has overshadowed the 2016 Assembly election campaign.

So on the eve of the election, what are the pollsters saying? The most recent Welsh Political Barometer poll has the following constituency results:

Labour: 33% (no change)

Conservatives: 21% (+2)

Plaid Cymru: 19% (-2)

UKIP: 16% (+1)

Liberal Democrats: 8% (no change)

Others: 4% (+1)

(Source – Welsh Political Barometer poll)

These figures project a Conservative gain in Cardiff North. The important word there is “project”. These results are a projection, not a prediction.

But away from polls and analysis, you may have some questions about the big day:

  1. What are we voting for? This site answers that better than I can –
  2. Who are the candidates? We have a list of who they are, articles that they’ve written and their live tweets.
  3. Where do I vote? Head over to this site and put your postcode in.
  4. Isn’t there another election? Yes there is. We’re also voting for Police and Crime Commissioner. These are the candidates and this article explains what they do.

We’ll have the results tomorrow night with links to analysis, comments and reactions. Then we’re off on holiday…