Desolation Radio: Wales Bill feat. Richard Wyn Jones

I’m a massive podcast fan and spend hours listening to shows about technology and politics.

I recently discovered Desolation Radio after host Dan Evans’ article on the Welsh Media popped up in my Twitter feed.

Always looking to learn more about politics I binged all the episodes and became a regular listener. The latest episode features Richard Wyn Jones talking about the Wales Bill and the history of devolution.

Richard Wyn Jones is Director of Cardiff University’s Wales Governance and Dean of Public Affairs. He has written extensively on contemporary Welsh politics, devolved politics in the UK and nationalism.

You can listen to all their episodes on SoundCloud or subscribe using a podcast player like Pocket Casts on Android or iTunes on your Apple devices. If you’re a geek, grab the RSS feed here.

The show is presented by Dr Dan Evans and Nathan Kusz. Find out more about Desolation Radio on Facebook and Twitter.