Local Elections: Only 3 Months to Go!


The Local Elections are only 3 months away and we’re still compiling our list of candidates.

If you know someone who’s standing and they aren’t on the list, please urge them to get in touch with us.

We’re drawing up a list of questions to ask the candidates. If you’d like to suggest one then please contact us or Tweet us using #atcnc.



The plan is to create an online questionnaire for all the candidates to complete. We’ll publish these on the run up to election day.

We’re expecting over 100 candidates so we really need to spread them out over a few weeks to make it manageable.

If you’re a member of a local party group then please urge candidates to send us their details and to complete the questionnaire when it’s ready.

We’re particularly interested in finding out who the candidates are in Lisvane as we don’t have any contacts in the area.

Image credit – Juan Seguí Moreno