Councillor Survey: Dianne Rees

What are the biggest changes in your ward over the last 5 years?

The proposed massive development of houses on greenfield sites in the east and west of my Ward as a result of the Local Development Plan. Nearly 8,000 additional dwellings are planned. The St Edeyrn’s development has begun with alterations to the highways, closure of access roads and issues of development traffic creating congestion and havoc in rural country roads unsuited to HGV traffic.
Another major change is the growth of parking congestion in Pontprennau and Old St Mellons, a major headache for local residents from all day parking on residential roads of employees of adjacent business parks and commuter parking of car share workers who make on local streets before joining the M4 at Junction 30.
The huge increase in volume of traffic along St Mellons Road and Heol Pontprennau and the congestion on Eastern Avenue and Newport Road which brings the eastern side of the City to a standstill.

Describe three achievements that you were instrumental in implementing and that benefited the community.

Pontprennau Primary School. I was instrumental in achieving the funding for the school and its inclusion in the 21st Century Schools Band A funding program which allowed the school to be built after years of campaigning. I am also proud that after years of campaigning the lack of playing field and ancillary space at St Mellons Church In Wales Primary School is finally being addressed.

Getting local playing fields included in the Fields In Trust Queen Elizabeth 2nd Jubilee in Pontprennau and Old St Mellons. In fact I was instrumental in getting Cardiff Council to include any fields at all in the project as Cardiff had been one of the only Welsh Councils not to propose having any of its playing fields in the scheme. It protects the fields from development for generations to come. I am also proud that I have taken a special interest in projects on public open space and ensuring funding from 106 agreements have been used to improve our parks and green spaces. Beechtree Park Pond, path , benches and green areas in Old St Mellons have been improved along with Greenacre Drive Pond and Butterfield Park play equipment in Pontprennau. I am also pleased to have been the local councillor who assisted Police and Council officers in dealing with the sensitive removal of unauthorised encampments on playing fields and green areas in the Ward and the installation of environmentally friendly measures to prevent further incursion, enabling local children and families to promptly resume games on the pitches.

I am proud of raising awareness of safety and environmental issues in the ward having campaigned and finally achieved a 20 mph zones near the school, a school safety crossing officer, the cutting back of overgrown hedges along footpaths to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety , litter and reporting of fly tipping on footpaths and country side. Having campaigned consistently some schemes have been implemented to address the undoubtedly difficult issue of parking congestion. I was able to present a petition signed by hundreds of local people to the Council calling on the Council to acknowledge the problem and address their concerns, which has at least raised awareness in the Council, although parking remains a serious concern which the next Council must address.