Lawrence Gwynn: UKIP – Llanishen

We’ve invited all the local election candidates to complete this questionnaire so you know more about the people asking for your vote on the 4th of May. We’re also compiling a list of their websites and social media accounts so you can follow them and get in touch if you have any questions.

Lawrence Gwynn

Name – Lawrence Gwynn
Party – UKIP
Ward – Llanishen
Website –
Twitter  –
How can people get in touch with you? –

About You

Tell us about yourself

I was born in Cardiff, and have lived in Llanishen all my life, attending Coed Glas Primary and Llanishen High Schools.

I have always been concerned about local issues that affect our day to day lives, and I have always kept a close watch on what our elected councillors are doing.

Residents should be able to express their opinions on all the services they receive, and your councillors should be answerable to the good people of Llanishen and Thornhill. I will ensure that I am always available as your local councillor.

What are the biggest issues in your ward?

The state of some of our roads is a disgrace. The potholes are a real nuisance for drivers and cyclists. The speed of the traffic through our narrow streets being used as cut-throughs is also a concern.

The continuing noise from Llanishen Park at night is an issue, and several residents have taken this up with me. Cars are entering the park at night playing loud music, so I believe it should be locked at night.

We also have a major problem in Llanishen and Thornhill with the amount of litter everywhere.

What’s your favourite place in Cardiff and why?

Roath Park. There’s something so calming and magical about it.

What do you think should be done to improve engagement in politics?

It’s important to be open and honest with everyone. When an issue is brought to you by a resident, you have to follow it through and always keep the resident fully informed along the way.

What’s your favourite film?

The Wizard of Oz.

If You’re Elected

What will you do to improve your ward?

Among road improvements, we need to sort out potholes and rat-runs. I would also look into putting a mini roundabout at the junction of Station Road and Fidlas Road to ease congestion in Llanishen village.

I would also push to abolish paying a fee for removal of large household items; we already pay council tax for this. I would ensure car parking fees at Heath Hospital are fully abolished.

How will you communicate with residents in your ward?

By email, phone and I will hold regular surgeries at a local venue twice a week or when required. I will always be on hand.

What issues that affect the whole city would you like to get involved in?

One of my passions is for more train stations to be opened around the City to take traffic off the already congested road network.

Stations should be opened in St Mellons, Trowbridge, and Ocean Park Industrial Estate. These areas could benefit immensely from this.

Final Comments

What would you change about Cardiff and why?

Cardiff is a vibrant and up and coming city. It’s a City that I love and cherish.

There’s not much I would really change, but we need to give everyone the same equal opportunity to prosper and enjoy life in our wonderful City.

Any final comments?

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