How Does the UK Parliament Work?

Parliament Explained

Parliament Explained is an audio series that explains how the UK Parliament works.

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Episode 1 – Parliament or Government?

Discover the difference between Parliament and the Government, how the Government is formed, and the roles of the Shadow Cabinet, backbenchers, crossbenchers and the Whips.

Episode 2 – What happens in Parliament?

Meet the doorkeepers of the House of Lords and the House of Commons to find out what a typical day in Parliament involves.

Episode 3 – Scrutiny: Questions and Debates

Hear how Parliament uses questions and debates to check and challenge the work of the Government.

Episode 4 – Scrutiny: Select Committees

Discover another vital tool of Parliamentary scrutiny – ‘select committees’ of MPs and Lords who check and challenge the work and spending of the Government.

Episode 5 – Making and Changing Laws

Learn how draft laws are debated and improved as they make their way through the House of Commons and the House of Lords before they can become the law of the land.

Episode 6 – Get Involved

Hear how you can get involved in your UK Parliament. From contacting your MP or a member of the Lords to sharing your views with a select committee, and of course by voting, you can have your say in how the country is run.


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