Candidate Comments – Anna McMorrin



Question 1 – Why are you standing for Cardiff North?

I’m standing in Cardiff North because this was my home for 15 years and where I’ve raised my children.

I’m standing in Cardiff North because people here want an MP who will represent their views & how they feel, an MP that will listen & be their voice in Westminster. For the last 2 years, this has not been the case when time and time again Craig Williams has voted with the whip against the wishes of his constituents on a range of topics such as the Dubs Amendement, taking £30 a week from disabled people and voting for the triggering of Article 50 when Cardiff voted to remain.

I’m standing because I believe in fairness and an equal society, I don’t see this reflected in the policies that the Tories have enacted that have served to widen the gap between richest and poorest in our society.

I believe I have enthusiasm – an enthusiasm for projects and work that I know will change the lives of people in Cardiff North.

Question 2 – What personal qualities do you have that would make you a good MP?

I am confident that I am a good listener and communicator – I think it’s vitally important that our constituents are being listened to and are consulted with & fed back to lately.

I feel I am approachable to people – residents should be able to get in touch me with in a variety of ways and feel that I am contactable be it online, in the constituency office or at regular Surgeries.

I believe in co-operative working, I’m not here for myself – I’m here for you & we achieve more if we work together.

Question 3 – When did you join your party and why?

I joined the Labour Party in the 90s. I joined the Labour Party because of the poverty and inequality I saw as a child and that disfigures our communities. I grew up in Thatcher’s Wales – with our communities attacked and people unable to make ends meet. We still see that legacy today. But we are facing something much worse. A Tory Government that cares nothing for our public services, for our communities or for Wales. I believe we need a voice in politics that speaks for the many and not the few and that represents you.

National Issues

Question 4 – What pledges in your manifesto would you change?

That is a very good question!

Having thought about it – I don’t think I would change any of our manifesto pledges – how can I argue against more police officers in this climate? We desperately need them on our streets.

We need more sustainable houses, we need secure employment for our workforce.

Welsh Labour have listened to the people of Wales & have created a manifesto around what we know we can deliver.

Question 5 – Where do you stand on brexit and how do you think the process will affect Cardiff North?

I was a passionate Remainer – I still am. I campaigned & voted for Remain.

I accept the democratic result was reached and it was not the one I would’ve hoped for. I know this is the same for the majority of people in Cardiff North.

I think that voting for the triggering of Article 50 was wrong, I think voting against securing post Brexit funding for Wales was wrong.

I am concerned that we’re hurtling towards a Brexit that will absolutely backfire for us econcomically and for our worldwide relationships.

I think Wales is being ignored in the Brexit Talks – Welsh Labour together with Plaid Cymru put together a white paper on Brexit for Wales & this had been ignored by the Tories.

Question 6 – What national issues would you like to get involved in and why?

I am passionate about the environment and this is reflected in my career.

I am a passionate supporter of equality at all intersections and believe we must do more to protect the most vulnerable in our communities.

Local Issues

Question 7 – What local issues will you prioritise?

I would like to work with our Assembly Members & councillors on the issues that affect Cardiff North.

Julie Morgan AM has done fantastic work on the Llanishen resevoir & I would like to work with her to continue this good work.

I would like to see Cardiff become a city with a sustainable cycling plan to take pressure off our roads.

I want to ensure that we’re taking children out of poverty.

Question 8 – For local issues that aren’t an MP’s direct responsibility, how will you make a difference?

I would work with our local councillors, not against them.

I want to work closely with Julie Morgan – share ideas and ensure that we’re working collaboratively for the betterment of our constituency.

Question 9 – What will you do to ensure you’re a visible MP?

Have regular surgeries that are spread across the constituency, at various days and times to ensure that they’re convenient for residents.

Strong presence on the high street so people feel welcome to pop by.

Regular updates online and with letters to residents.


Question 10 – What’s the most difficult question you’ve been asked during the campaign and how did you reply?

I think it’s been a learning curve to stand on a platform and defend your beliefs & ideas – ensuring that you know why you believe what you believe in and that you can coherently defend them when pressed.

Question 11 – What would you say to someone who isn’t planning on voting?

I would say you can’t make a change if you don’t use your voice.

You can’t complain about the process if you’re not involved in the process.

I believe that politics is about coming together & sharing your ideas, pragmatism, compromise – we should pull in the same direction to achieve the society we want to see that delivers for the many, not just the few.

That I’m sorry you feel disenfranchised from the system and I want to listen to what I can do to help you benefit from it.

Question 12 – What’s your favourite biscuit?

Custard cream!

Update: Question 3 has been updated on request of the candidate.