Candidate Comments – Craig Williams



Question 1 – Why are you standing for Cardiff North?

I’m standing for re-election as your Member of Parliament to continue to deliver economic growth, fair funding for Wales, the Cardiff City deal, record levels of employment and to abolish the Seven Bridge Tolls.

Question 2 – What personal qualities do you have that would make you a good MP?

I’m accessible, local and a quick study! Hopefully the people of Cardiff North have tested my qualities to date but living and raising a family in Cardiff gives me a good grounding in the seat.

Question 3 – When did you join your party and why?

I joined the Conservative party a decade ago, it was about delivering for people and not keeping people down. It’s about creating opportunities for everyone, through economic growth and sustainable infrastructure – investment in our roads, rail and transport.

National Issues

Question 4 – What pledges in your manifesto would you change?

We’re a broad church in the Conservative Party and on balance our Manifesto will deliver for the UK, without bankrupting the country – politics is about compromise.

Question 5 – Where do you stand on brexit and how do you think the process will affect Cardiff North?

Voted and campaigned to Remain, however, I clearly accept the result of the UK referendum and know it is important that we get the strong possible deal with the EU and other global partners around the world. There are huge opportunities for Cardiff North in our new relationships, but it will take strong leadership to get the deal that works for Cardiff, Wales and the UK.

Question 6 – What national issues would you like to get involved in and why?

Empowering local and regional economies. One size never fits all and it’s hugely important to champion local solutions, through the City Deal process we are seeing huge investment in these local projects and vision. I want to continue true devolution / localism by empowering our City through powers and investment.

Local Issues

Question 7 – What local issues will you prioritise?

Delivering transport infrastructure is the key priority, in line with protecting our overdevelopment of our green open spaces.

Question 8 – For local issues that aren’t an MP’s direct responsibility, how will you make a difference?

During my time as your MP, we have always taken up any issues be it Council, Welsh Assembly or indeed EU issue. We have had successes on dealing with local issues and while so many of the day to day public services are not the responsibility of the Westminster Government, I believe it’s important to represent people.

Question 9 – What will you do to ensure you’re a visible MP?

Continue to hold weekly skype and appointment surgeries, every two weeks public surgeries, remain on social media and of course keep my street surgeries going.


Question 10 – What’s the most difficult question you’ve been asked during the campaign and how did you reply?

Questions that relate to devolved functions, clearly MP’s have no direct control over the NHS, Education, Local Government and other devolved areas but we have to represent the views of constituents.  

Question 11 – What would you say to someone who isn’t planning on voting?

This is one of the most important elections for a generation, make sure your voice is heard.

Question 12 – What’s your favourite biscuit?

Chocolate Hobnob