Cardiff’s Transport and Clean Air Consultation


Cardiff Council have launched a consultation to share and gather ideas about the city’s transport system and air quality.

Complete the survey online here –

Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Transport, Cllr Caro Wild, said:  “We all know that Cardiff’s transport system has to change – too many of us have been stuck in traffic trying to drop off our children, or late for work because the bus didn’t turn up, and whilst a growing number want to walk or cycle, the facilities to do so are often inadequate.

“Like all major cities in the UK the effects of congestion are being felt on people’s health. Welsh Government has now directed us to carry out a Clean Air feasibility study which will identify the issues in Cardiff and make recommendations on the best way to resolve them.”

The council have produced a report, which contains ideas and proposals for improving the city. They want to hear your views and to prompt discussion.

Read the report –

The report has already prompted lots of discussion and responses.

The report says there will be a series of consultation events for you to find out more. It also suggests organising your own event for local groups and communities.

Image credit – Jeremy Segrott