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My Daily Cardiff North – 25 May 2017

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General Election

We attended the Llandaff North general election hustings tonight. All the candidates except UKIP’s Gary Oldfield took part.

To read our Tweets from the debate, head over to Twitter.


We recorded the opening speeches for you to see the candidates’ pitches.


If you’d like to watch the whole thing, we streamed the debate using Periscope. It’s just over 90 minutes long.

My Daily Cardiff North – 22 May 2017

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General Election

Hope you’re not getting board of these posts!


Steffan in Llandaff North.


Craig is staying Positif.


Matt is calling on Teresa May to “drop her dementia tax plan”.

My Daily Cardiff North – 21 May 2017

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General Election

Anna McMorrin has been visiting students to discuss Labour’s plan to abolish tuition fees.


Steffan Webb has been canvassing in Birchgrove.


Craig Williams has been in Whitchurch today.


Matt Hemsley criticises Labour’s manifesto.


UKIP candidate Gary Oldfield doesn’t have any social media accounts or website for campaigning so I’m unable to share anything.

My Daily Cardiff North – 20 May 2017

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General Election

The Llandaff North Residents’ Association have organised a hustings for Thursday 25th May at 7pm in All Saints’ Church, Llandaff North.

Steffan Webb’s been visiting Castell Coch in Tongwynlais to talk about the Plaid Cymru manifesto and how they want to defend Wales.


Anna McMorrin’s been visiting the GMB Union.

Craig Williams has been out in Llanishen talking about national and local issues.


Matt Hemsley has shared the Lib Dem’s video about building 300,00 homes per year.


We’ve added UKIP candidate Gary Oldfield’s photo and biography to his profile page.

My Daily Cardiff North – 17 May 2017

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General Election

Today saw the launch of the Liberal Democrat manifesto. View all the published manifestos on our election page.

Matt Hemsley has been out talking to people about Brexit.


Anna McMorrin has pledged to fight for the NHS and education in Wales.


Craig Williams has been out campaigning with Sir Eric Pickles.


Steffan Webb is preparing for his campaign launch.


The Velindre Cancer Centre has announced a second pre-planning application period.

My Daily Cardiff North – 16 May 2017

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General Election

It’s been a busy day with manifesto launches and some vigorous campaigning.

Anna McMorrin has posted this video in response to Craig Williams’.

The Labour manifesto is now online for you to read.

Craig Williams, meanwhile, has posted a video about the Conservative pledge to abolish the Severn Bridge tolls, which he says: “hold business back”.


Steffan Webb was at the Plaid Cymru manifesto launch this morning. The manifesto is now online for you to read.

Matt Hemsley says the Lib Dems will, “scrap mass snooping powers”.


UKIP candidate Gary Oldfield hasn’t been in touch yet.

My Daily Cardiff North – 15 May 2017

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General Election

Steffan Webb appears in this video posted on the Plaid Cymru Cardiff North Facebook page.


Anna McMorrin has been out braving the rain.

Craig Williams is promoting a “Telephone Town Hall” with Teresa May.


Matt Hemsley reporting that the Lib Dems plan to build 300,000 houses a year.


We’re still waiting for UKIP candidate Gary Oldfield to get in touch.

My Daily Cardiff North – 14 May 2017

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General Election

The candidates have been pretty quiet today, so we’ll look back at the 2015 general election. The 2015 election predates this site so the content is on We published profiles of the candidates and sent them some questions to answer. We also reported from local hustings and looked at the candidates’ leaflets.

2015 Results

Party Candidate Votes Share %
Conservative Craig Williams 21,709 42.4
Labour Mari Williams 19,572 38.3
UKIP Ethan Wilkinson 3,953 7.7
Plaid Cymru Elin Walker Jones 2,301 4.5
Liberal Democrat Elizabeth Clark 1,953 3.8
Green Party Ruth Osner 1,254 2.5
Christian Party Jeff Green 331 0.6
Alter Change Shaun Jenkins 78 0.2

You may recognise the name of the Alter Change candidate. Shaun Jenkins is now a Conservative Councillor for Llanishen.

With no Green Party candidate standing this year, there are some voters who’ll be interested in the environmental stance of the other candidates. We’ve already been asked to pose this question to them.

My Daily Cardiff North – 13 May 2017

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General Election

We ran a Twitter poll to find out whether the candidate or the party leader is more important when you cast your vote. 60% said the candidate who represents them is more important.

Craig Williams has been out canvassing in Gabalfa.


Steffan Webb is keeping fit and setting PBs.

Matt Hemsley is promoting the Lib Dem’s policy for giving a month’s paternity leave to new dads.

Anna McMorrin has been out canvassing and says Brexit is a concern for people.

We’ve asked if UKIP candidate Gary Oldfield is going to join Twitter/Facebook for his official campaign.