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Dan Allsobrook – Plaid Cymru

We asked all the candidates to provide a candidate statement of up to 750 words, which should include some background about them and why they’re standing.

Dan Allsobrook

Plaid Cymru



I have decided to run for election because our local and national politics in Wales and the UK have been dominated by the old parties, Tories and Labour, for many years and it’s time for a change.

I’m standing for Plaid Cymru because we offer a radical alternative to the tired old approach. We also need to fight against the rise of populist right-wing ideologies put forward by the Brexit and Tory parties.

Locally my focus is on how we get around whether for work, learning, or leisure. I am very worried that Whitchurch and Tongwynlais have become increasingly dominated by cars at the expense of all other modes of travel, from walking to travelling by bus. This needs to change if our area is to be a safe, healthy, and pleasant place to live.

Our area deserves better, which is why my campaign calls for ‘A Better Cardiff’. We are an ambitious city but too often that ambition is not backed up by action. If elected I aim to change this.

Llanishen to Get a New Community Hub

Llanishen to Get a New Community Hub

Llanishen Library will close next week ahead of the library service transferring to a brand new hub in the community.

The library on Kimberley Terrace will close from 1pm on Wednesday, November 22 in preparation for the opening of the new hub just a short walk away on Station Road.

The exciting new Llanishen Hub will open on Monday, November 27at 9am with more services and better facilities.

The hub is being developed in partnership with South Wales Police and will be situated on the ground floor of the Llanishen police station building.

Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities, Cllr Lynda Thorne, said: “Our hubs are all about bringing more and better services to our communities and making those services more accessible and convenient for people to use them, all under one roof.

“This new hub in the community will be a real benefit for people in Llanishen and the local area.”

While the library is closed before services transfer to the hub, the nearest libraries are Rhydypennau Library and Rhiwbina Library. Recycling and food bags are available at Llanishen Leisure Centre.

Via: Cardiff News Room

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Councillor Survey: What have You Achieved in the Last 5 Years?

abstract image of wooden people representing community

With an eye on the upcoming local elections, we began thinking about the achievements councillors have made in the last 5 years.

Unfortunately, this information is hard to find. Lots of councillors have social media accounts but very few have dedicated websites that record their activities.

So we decided to create a survey and ask all the current Cardiff North councillors to tell us how their ward has changed since 2012 and what achievements they’re most proud of.

We’ve had five responses so far from the 20 councillors.


  • Ed Bridges (responded)
  • Gareth Holden (responded)


  • Lyn Hudson
  • Fenella Bowden (responded)
  • Graham Hinchey


  • David Walker

Llandaff North

  • Dilwar Ali (responded)


  • Andrew Graham (responded)
  • Garry Hunt (responded)
  • Julia Magill
  • Phil Bale (responded)

Pontprennau and Old St Mellons

  • Dianne Rees (responded)
  • Georgina Phillips


  • Adrian Robson (responded)
  • Eleanor Sanders (responded)
  • Jayne Cowan (responded)

Whitchurch and Tongwynlais

  • Ben Thomas (responded)
  • Chris Davis
  • David Groves (responded)
  • Jonathan Evans (responded)

If you’re interested in finding out about your councillor(s), please get in touch with them and ask them to complete the survey. You can find their details on our site.

If you’re a councillor and missed our email, please get in touch and we’ll send you the link.

Photo credit: Laura Billings

What’s the Deal?


You’re going to be hearing a lot about the “City Deal” in the coming months, but what is it?

The Cardiff Capital Region City Deal is a £1.28 billion programme which will achieve a 5 per cent uplift in the region’s GVA by delivering a range of programmes which will increase connectivity, improve physical and digital infrastructure, as well as regional business governance.

Got that?

Maybe a video will do a better job…

(Watch Welsh version)

Need more information? Head over to the website (Welsh version) or follow them on Twitter.

What does the BBC say?

What about Wales Online?

You can read Cardiff Council’s announcement. The report will be discussed at a special Cabinet meeting on Wednesday 25 January 2017.

The report outlines that the City of Cardiff Council is committed to delivering a significant number of facilities and attractions including:

  • A new 15,000 seat indoor arena;
  • Improved city centre open spaces;
  • The redevelopment of Cardiff Central Station;
  • Stronger connections between the city centre and Cardiff Bay; and
  • A range of improvements to bus, car, cycle and pedestrian networks.

What will the deal mean for residents of Cardiff North? Better transport? More job opportunities? It’s going to be interesting.

Local Democracy Week – Being a Councillor


We’re in the middle of Local Democracy Week and councils all over the country are engaging with communities to help them understand what the role of the council is.

Cardiff Youth Council have produced a video called “Whose City Is This” that describes the different levels of representation we have.


The leader of The City of Cardiff Council and Llanishen Councillor, Phil Bale, explains how the council are, “taking the public cabinet on the road” to mark Local Democracy Week. The council have a dedicated page with links to information and tools.


The next local council elections are in May 2017 and the process of selecting candidates is already underway.

We’ve already started collating a list of candidates in Cardiff North and we urge local parties and independent candidates to get in touch.

If you’re unsure what a councillor does, there are some videos from the Welsh Government featuring councillors in South Wales talking about their role. The Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) have a guide for candidates that explains what the role involves and how to become a candidate.

In this video Councillors from local authorities in South Wales – including Rhiwbina Councillor Jayne Cowan – discuss how they got involved in local government, the challenges they have faced and why it is important to have a diverse representation on our Councils.


We’ve asked the current Cardiff North Councillors to write for us explaining what their typical week involves and we’ll publish these over the coming weeks.

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