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Julie Morgan Launches Campaign for Deputy Leader

Julie Morgan

Cardiff North constituency Assembly Member Julie Morgan has launched her campaign for Welsh Labour Deputy Leader.

Nominations opened today and Julie says on her campaign website:

“I think it is fantastic that we will have a female deputy leader and that three women have thrown their hats into the ring. I am the only woman who has had experience as a councillor, AM and MP so I think I’m uniquely placed to use that experience to bring people together in Wales. I was a councillor for 12 years, an MP for 13 years and have been an Assembly Member since 2011.

“I would see my role as working to bring together all sections of the Labour movement including trade unions and affiliates and I feel strongly that all voices should be heard and that being a member of our great party should really have meaning for all the thousands of members out there.

“I’m immensely proud that Welsh Labour will have a gender balanced leadership as equality is something I’ve campaigned for all my working life.”



Julie told Wales Politics, “I think I am in a good position to bring all parts of the party together and to work closely with the members.”

Mark Drakeford AM nominated Julie and she has the backing of 13 AMs and MPs.

You can follow Julie’s campaign on Twitter and Facebook.

The winner will be announced at the Welsh Labour conference in April.

Local Election Results


The local election votes have been counted and results announced.


Turnout 36%

Candidate Party Votes %
Rhys Taylor Liberal Democrat  922 23% Elected
Ashley Wood Liberal Democrat  920 23% Elected
Joy Coughlin Welsh Labour 818 20% Not elected
Matthew Hexter Welsh Labour 719 18% Not elected
Sioned Treharne Cardiff Plaid 178 4% Not elected
Gareth Holden Cardiff Plaid 169 4% Not elected
Niall Piercy Welsh Conservative Party 165 4% Not elected
Margaret Evans Welsh Conservative Party 149 4% Not elected


Turnout 55%

Candidate Party Votes %
Graham Hinchey Welsh Labour / Llafur Cymru 2010 13% Elected
Lyn Hudson Welsh Conservative Party 1830 12% Elected
Fenella Jane Bowden Heath & Birchgrove Independents 1737 11% Elected
Penny Owen Welsh Labour 1704 11% Not elected
Michael Ash-Edwards Welsh Labour 1667 11% Not elected
Peter Hudson Welsh Conservative Party 1602 10% Not elected
Michelle Michaelis Welsh Conservative Party 1477 10% Not elected
Steven Bowden Heath & Birchgrove Independents 1143 7% Not elected
Jane Reece Heath & Birchgrove Independents 930 6% Not elected
Helen Kalliope Smith Cardiff Plaid 410 3% Not elected
Chris Von Ruhland Wales Green Party 251 2% Not elected
Peter Frederick Randerson Welsh Liberal Democrats 244 2% Not elected
Wijdan Said Welsh Liberal Democrats 163 1% Not elected
Daniel Schmeising-Barnes Welsh Liberal Democrats 119 1% Not elected


Turnout 56%

Candidate Party Votes %
David Walker Welsh Conservative Party 1232 76% Elected
Jessica Taylor Welsh Labour 219 13% Not elected
Myfanwy Price Welsh Liberal Democrats 130 8% Not elected
Anthony Couch Cardiff Plaid 49 3% Not elected

Llandaff North

Turnout 44%

Candidate Party Votes %
Dilwar Ali Welsh Labour 1400 29% Elected
Jennifer Burke-Davies Welsh Labour 1349 28% Elected
Elizabeth Morgan Welsh Conservative Party 531 11% Not elected
Steffan Webb Cardiff Plaid 439 9% Not elected
Diana Abuzaid Welsh Conservative Party 422 9% Not elected
Gilliam Griffin Cardiff Plaid 394 8% Not elected
Elinor Dixon Welsh Liberal Democrats 171 3% Not elected
Matthew Dixon Welsh Liberal Democrats 104 2% Not elected
Jonathan Bishop Independent 56 1% Not elected
Gwilym Evans Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 39 1% Not elected


Turnout 50%

Candidate Party Votes %
Shaun Jenkins Welsh Conservative Party 2890 12% Elected
Phil Bale Labour and Co-operative Party 2805 11% Elected
John Lancaster Welsh Conservative Party 2804 11% Elected
Thomas Parkhill Welsh Conservative Party 2528 10% Elected
Garry Hunt Labour and Co-operative Party/Llafur a’r Blaid Gydweithredol 2523 10% Not elected
Daniel Ruff Welsh Conservative Party 2383 10% Not elected
Jackie Jones Labour and Co-operative Party 2282 9% Not elected
Masudah Ali Labour and Co-operative Party 2254 9% Not elected
Lona Roberts Cardiff Plaid 666 3% Not elected
Karl Mudd Welsh Liberal Democrats 593 2% Not elected
Sarah Bridges Welsh Liberal Democrats 575 2% Not elected
Anabella Rees Welsh Liberal Democrats 543 2% Not elected
Michael Cope Wales Green Party 528 2% Not elected
Robert Godfrey Welsh Liberal Democrats 449 2% Not elected
Lawrence Gwynn UKIP Wales 323 1% Not elected
Crispin Anthony John UKIP Wales 240 1% Not elected
Vivian Evans UKIP Wales 220 1% Not elected
John Hill UKIP Wales 180 1% Not elected

Pontprennau & Old St Mellons

Turnout 45%

Candidate Party Votes %
Dianne Rees Welsh Conservative Party 1851 30% Elected
Joel Williams Welsh Conservative Party 1760 28% Elected
Georgina Phillips Welsh Labour 1134 18% Not elected
Shane Andrews Welsh Labour 891 14% Not elected
David Gwynfor Davies Cardiff Plaid 200 3% Not elected
Mary Naughton Welsh Liberal Democrats 176 3% Not elected
David Keigwin Welsh Liberal Democrats 167 3% Not elected


Turnout 62%

Candidate Party Votes %
Jayne Cowan Welsh Conservative Party 3595 22% Elected
Adrian Robson Welsh Conservative Party 3230 20% Elected
Oliver Owen Welsh Conservative Party 2565 16% Elected
Eleanor Sanders Independent 1565 10% Not elected
Meurig Williams Welsh Labour 1524 9% Not elected
Clare Jones Welsh Labour 1500 9% Not elected
Alan Golding Welsh Labour 1159 7% Not elected
Stephen Lake Cardiff Plaid 402 2% Not elected
Jonathan Land Welsh Liberal Democrats 371 2% Not elected
Philippa Willmot Welsh Liberal Democrats 198 1% Not elected
Dale Hargrove Welsh Liberal Democrats 170 1% Not elected

Whitchurch and Tongwynlais

Turnout 56%

Candidate Party Votes %
Mike Phillips Welsh Conservative Party 2905 11% Elected
Tim Davies Welsh Conservative Party 2900 11% Elected
Linda Morgan Welsh Conservative Party 2856 11% Elected
Mike Jones-Pritchard Welsh Conservative Party 2753 10% Elected
Hannah Buckingham Welsh Labour 2700 10% Not elected
Marc Palmer Welsh Labour 2488 9% Not elected
Norman Gettings Welsh Labour 2461 9% Not elected
Maliika Kaaba Welsh Labour 2234 8% Not elected
Mali Rowlands Cardiff Plaid 962 4% Not elected
Dan Allsobrook Cardiff Plaid 951 4% Not elected
Glenys Evans Cardiff Plaid 885 3% Not elected
Julia Mary Burns Cardiff Plaid 856 3% Not elected
Lynne Barrett-Lee Welsh Liberal Democrats 540 2% Not elected
Dominic Eggbeer Welsh Liberal Democrats 516 2% Not elected
Geraldine Nichols Welsh Liberal Democrats 365 1% Not elected
Usman Mahmood Bukhari Welsh Liberal Democrats 312 1% Not elected


Community Council Election Time


There are nomination papers available in Lisvane, Old St Mellons and Tongwynlais for Community Council elections.

The Cardiff Council website has all the information.

Nomination papers must be delivered to the Returning Officer at Room 206, County Hall, Atlantic Wharf, Cardiff CF10 4UW on any day after the date of this notice, on Monday 27 March to Friday 31 March and Monday 3 April between 9 am and 4.30 pm inclusive, Wednesday 29 March between 6 – 8 pm and Tuesday 4 April between 9 am and 4 pm but no later than 4pm.

Screenshot 2017-03-30 at 20.57.29

If you’d like to nominate yourself you need to get and return the nomination papers from County Hall.