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My Daily Cardiff North – 16 May 2017

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General Election

It’s been a busy day with manifesto launches and some vigorous campaigning.

Anna McMorrin has posted this video in response to Craig Williams’.

The Labour manifesto is now online for you to read.

Craig Williams, meanwhile, has posted a video about the Conservative pledge to abolish the Severn Bridge tolls, which he says: “hold business back”.


Steffan Webb was at the Plaid Cymru manifesto launch this morning. The manifesto is now online for you to read.

Matt Hemsley says the Lib Dems will, “scrap mass snooping powers”.


UKIP candidate Gary Oldfield hasn’t been in touch yet.

My Daily Cardiff North – 15 May 2017

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General Election

Steffan Webb appears in this video posted on the Plaid Cymru Cardiff North Facebook page.


Anna McMorrin has been out braving the rain.

Craig Williams is promoting a “Telephone Town Hall” with Teresa May.


Matt Hemsley reporting that the Lib Dems plan to build 300,000 houses a year.


We’re still waiting for UKIP candidate Gary Oldfield to get in touch.

My Daily Cardiff North – 14 May 2017

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General Election

The candidates have been pretty quiet today, so we’ll look back at the 2015 general election. The 2015 election predates this site so the content is on Tongwynlais.com. We published profiles of the candidates and sent them some questions to answer. We also reported from local hustings and looked at the candidates’ leaflets.

2015 Results

Party Candidate Votes Share %
Conservative Craig Williams 21,709 42.4
Labour Mari Williams 19,572 38.3
UKIP Ethan Wilkinson 3,953 7.7
Plaid Cymru Elin Walker Jones 2,301 4.5
Liberal Democrat Elizabeth Clark 1,953 3.8
Green Party Ruth Osner 1,254 2.5
Christian Party Jeff Green 331 0.6
Alter Change Shaun Jenkins 78 0.2

You may recognise the name of the Alter Change candidate. Shaun Jenkins is now a Conservative Councillor for Llanishen.

With no Green Party candidate standing this year, there are some voters who’ll be interested in the environmental stance of the other candidates. We’ve already been asked to pose this question to them.

My Daily Cardiff North – 13 May 2017

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General Election

We ran a Twitter poll to find out whether the candidate or the party leader is more important when you cast your vote. 60% said the candidate who represents them is more important.

Craig Williams has been out canvassing in Gabalfa.


Steffan Webb is keeping fit and setting PBs.

Matt Hemsley is promoting the Lib Dem’s policy for giving a month’s paternity leave to new dads.

Anna McMorrin has been out canvassing and says Brexit is a concern for people.

We’ve asked if UKIP candidate Gary Oldfield is going to join Twitter/Facebook for his official campaign.

My Daily Cardiff North – 12 May 2017

General Election

Today we have a pitch from the Liberal Democrat candidate Matt Hemsley.


Plaid Cymru candidate Steffan Webb has announced his campaign launch.

Labour’s Anna McMorrin welcomed Deputy Leader Tom Watson to Cardiff.

Craig Williams is promising that the Conservatives will guarantee support for the Armed Forces.


Friends of Forest Farm have a volunteer event this Sunday.

My Daily Cardiff North – 11 May 2017

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General Election

We go to the polls in 4 weeks and the campaign is well underway. The official nomination list was published today so we finally have the full roster of candidates.

The candidates have been out and about, braving the weather and answering the crucial questions.

Labour candidate Anna McMorrin was joined by Carl Sargeant on the doorstep in Whitchurch.

Plaid Cymru candidate Steffan Webb is making clever use of local signage to get his message across.

Conservative candidate Craig Williams makes a pitch on his Facebook page.




The new LIDL in Llandaff North has opened. Opinions are still divided.

How Does the UK Parliament Work?

Parliament Explained

Parliament Explained is an audio series that explains how the UK Parliament works.

You can listen to all the episodes below or subscribe to them in your podcast player:

Episode 1 – Parliament or Government?

Discover the difference between Parliament and the Government, how the Government is formed, and the roles of the Shadow Cabinet, backbenchers, crossbenchers and the Whips.

Episode 2 – What happens in Parliament?

Meet the doorkeepers of the House of Lords and the House of Commons to find out what a typical day in Parliament involves.

Episode 3 – Scrutiny: Questions and Debates

Hear how Parliament uses questions and debates to check and challenge the work of the Government.

Episode 4 – Scrutiny: Select Committees

Discover another vital tool of Parliamentary scrutiny – ‘select committees’ of MPs and Lords who check and challenge the work and spending of the Government.

Episode 5 – Making and Changing Laws

Learn how draft laws are debated and improved as they make their way through the House of Commons and the House of Lords before they can become the law of the land.

Episode 6 – Get Involved

Hear how you can get involved in your UK Parliament. From contacting your MP or a member of the Lords to sharing your views with a select committee, and of course by voting, you can have your say in how the country is run.


We’re covering the General Election over the next few weeks. Find out who the candidates are and subscribe for all the latest news.